Lady Gray


Yep. So that’s me. Eleanor Grayson.

Left Pic- Chavvy 11 year old Theatre geek with over plucked eyebrows and a beer belly. Wait a beer belly at 11 years old? I drank a good alcopop or two back in the day. Plus I am from Ptown (Peterborough, England). Yeah, you don’t know where it is. Normally there’s a reason why you don’t know where it is, and let’s leave it at that.

Right Pic- Me 2 years ago. A signed model in New York City. Wait what? The chubby geeks can become hotter? Apparently so. HAHAHA Up yours every boy who rejected beer belly me. Who’s sorry now!!

Whew… Now I got that out my system. Hey there! I started a Fashion Blog. I have modeled for around 4 years now and my first gig was with Covergirl (unfortunately it was never shown), launched my love of Fashion and New York (ugh cliche anyone?) into full throttle. Now I am stepping aside from fashion as I want to become a bad ass movie director. If you’re into that, check out my company Not Just a Hat Rack Films.




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