Bedroom Boss on a Budget


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.51.38 PM

So need a new change but on a budget? A great thing is you can totally have a new refreshing look on a budget and it totally looks

I always lean towards feminine pieces with pastel colors. Pastel colors have a calming aspect which I feel is essential to have in a bedroom, especially after a long work day. You want to come back to your own little haven. I like to add things that speak to me on a personal level, things that I aspire to become or adding my passion within my room. I think it’s important to have a reminder of things you are working towards whether on a personal or professional level. So you see here I have a rug with a camera on it, being a Director and filming a lot of my own projects I relate to this strongly. Personally I aspire to welcome more love and spread more positivity within my life, so hence the book. I think little things here and there reinforcing these ideas make a big impact, sometimes having another outside force if you will, to help gently remind you or keep you on the path you are working towards is super helpful.

If you like any of these check out where to get them below.

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