I am a Girl


It’s International Girl Day
So here our mine and my partners sponsored girls
Yassmin, Shu and Soha. They are all different religions from Egypt and Cameroon. Ages 10-13. Yassmin wants to be a Mathematician or Scientist. Shu a teacher and Soha a business owner.

If you give up some starbucks, a movie date, some new shoes you can prevent girls like these from being forced into the sex trade & slavery and give them an education.
Not only this, but you become their pen pals. It has been a very rewarding experience to encourage them through their school life and help them with their problems and families.

The girls available to sponsor are as young as babies to 16 years of age. There are also lots of little boys who need a sponsor.



I’ve had a lot of people worry where their money actually goes, so to show you how great this charity is and their transparency here is where you can find this information.



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