Born and raised in the fashion iconic city Peterborough, England. From the average outfit of trackies, fake uggs and side ponies, Eleanor Grayson found herself embraced in the culture of chav fashion.

Hopefully you can tell I’m kidding, well not about the chav part. But some how this Peterborian found herself modeling in New York City. No one ever dreamed of me doing it or ever thought I could, myself included.

So after a few years of being prodded with pins whilst walking down the runway in shoes two sizes too small. Being told every part of my body needs improving. I once got told I need to fix my eyes to become more symmetrical. I laughed and said, I don’t think they have plastic surgery for new placement of eye sockets. Needless to say I didn’t get the job. BUT the lesson is, there is no lesson. I gained another insecurity! YAY. Lol.

So yes, back on track. I have actually gained some knowledge, all subjective of course. Hence if you turn on the TV for an award show half of the ‘red carpet looks’ look terrible. But hey these a big designers guys. So if you like a bit of British banter, a bit of inside knowledge on trends. Then this is for you. You either laugh with me or at me. Win win situation.